Meridee Fockler

4/5-24-82-18W5/9 Bluesky Bitumen
Cold flow Bluesky heavy oil at Harmon Valley is a winner for Obsidian due to the excellent reservoir characteristics, good flow rates and manufacturing-style development.
Significant Well
September 21, 2017
Wells Spudded August 1 to August 31, 2017
This review of August well spuds shows where companies are active and what targets they are pursuing.
Digest Spark
September 13, 2017
Simonette–Kaybob South, AB
Dunvegan wells completed in 2016 and thus far in 2017 have some impressive initial rates.
Digest Spark
July 5, 2017
Southern AB
Shallow Belly River and Horseshoe Canyon gas is alive as operators focus on recompleting older producers.
Digest Spark
April 12, 2017
Winmore–Steelman–Queensdale–Workman, SK
The Frobisher and Alida wells are outstanding in the field because they are unfracced, low cost and generate cash flow.
Digest Spark
January 18, 2017
Steelman/Weyburn, SK
The Midale fracced play at Steelman rolls on.
Digest Spark
December 14, 2016
Happy as Clams
Montney North is not only one of the top Montney plays but also one of the top plays in the WCSB. As the play matures, operators continue to refine their geological interpretations, their...
Exploration Review
December 15, 2016
No Inhibitions about Imbibition: It’s Not the Bogeyman!
Big fracs, low fluid recovery and no detrimental impact on production—why not? This article seeks to answer this question and assuage concerns about imbibition.
Exploration Review
October 20, 2016
Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
The plunge in oil and gas prices in 2015 affected basin-wide completions metrics.
Digest Spark
July 20, 2016
Viewfield, SK
Crescent Point’s interest in the Birdbear may indicate that there is plenty of room for this play to grow.
Digest Spark
March 30, 2016