Artis Exploration

Willesden Green–Cygnet/Twining, AB
Does the Duvernay Oil Play have room to expand? Yes! Recent HOT and heavy land sales in the East Shale Basin, with bonuses exceeding $5000/Ha, have been attracting attention lately;...
Technical Study
July 25, 2017
Cygnet/Twining, AB
The East Shale Basin is HOT! More than half of the June 21st Alberta land sale bonus was paid for East Shale Basin acreage. Recent drilling activity, improving results and skyrocketing land...
Technical Study
June 20, 2017
Joffre/Cygnet/Twining, AB
The recent spike in East Shale Basin land prices can be attributed to success in the Duvernay.
Digest Spark
June 7, 2017